Friday, September 19, 2014

Opening my Heart and Mind on Hijab

I prefer to call this Look as the "Fly in Camouflage" look. I think it's more natural look since the colors I mixed in this outfit is based on nature colors (brown and green). For my head accessory, is a chiffon printed scarf from my shop (Nhlounge). I love it's colors because it can make you look to have a fairer skin tone. I am also wearing one of my new basic long outer/ cardigan that I am actually trying to promote on my recent instagram onlineshop (Nhlounge). The fabric of this cardigan is cotton and at the same time, it is stretchable to fit sizes from Small to Large body frames. Lastly, my camouflage leggings which is very light, comfortable and of course stretchable that can fit upto large body frames , except that the waist line size must not that be very wide. You might get a mark from its garter line. ^_^

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