Thursday, October 30, 2014

Black and White Haunt

Salaam to all of you my dear fashion seeker brothers and sisters ! :)

Today, I am wearing a monochrome outfit that you might be interested of. To begin with, my scarf is actually a rectangle small sized silky scarf. I just did a little styling to make it fabulous with my outfit. I also used a heart shaped silver brooch to keep my scarf in place with a little detail outcome.

What I love with my outfit is my favorite long black silky cardigan that is also available in my onlineshop (Instagram : @nhlounge) .You can actually use it for casual and even formal occasions. I wore a striped tank top from +MANGO . My gorgeous leggings is from @noveau . :) Lastly, my black cool sneakers is from @macbeth singpore. ;) Voila! everything's set for some cool casual walk.

Thank you and Wasalaam! :)

Just leave on the comment box for any suggestions and inquiries about this blog post. :)

Fashionably yours,
Ahoienas <3