Friday, October 17, 2014

Floral Outfit

 Today, I felt like wearing floral outfit. On my head-wear, it is actually a rectangle crinkled scarf with scattered silver sequins. I just styled it to become a turban style headwear. (just comment below if you want a tutorial for this hijabstyle ^_^ )

I so Love this comfortable top from Zara. The design is made by sequins which makes it casual/ semi-formal when paired with of course a formal bottom/skirt. 

If you could see, my bracelets or arm candies are like spikes. But, this one is made up of rubber, so this cannot hurt anybody you can bump into or even yourself. ^_^ 

Lastly, my skirt is like a peterpan style wear. This skirt is actually two sided skirt, by means you can just invert it to use the other side which also has a different design. Cool right! ^^

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Wasalaam... ;)

Fashionably yours,