Friday, October 17, 2014

Wedding Guest

I was actually excited to be a wedding guest because I am not used to attend weddings of other people other than mine (of course), and my sister's.. ^_^ So as you can see, for my headwear, it is a glittered two tone rectangle chiffon scarf. To tie it in place and give a little detail, I pinned on the side a medium gold gorgeous brooch. For my top, it is a gold glittered semi turtle neck spandex longsleeves which fits very well on me. ;) My favorite skirt is my black velvet long skirt. It is so comfortable and this skirt can be paired with almost all types of tops. ;) For my accessories, I just used this bronze wings fashion necklace from my collection. My bracelets are actually pure gold on my right hand and indian bracelets on my left hand. Rings are my gold wedding ring and a gold with diamond ring. I usually take this off when I walk on streets or go to my work. (I am just a simple babe on your neighborhood. ^_^) All then is good to go paired with my black clutch bag with sling and my gold glittered heels. 

Thanks for visiting and reading my blog! ^_^

Fashionably yours,